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We are unique

We are the only manufacturer of dry cell batteries, energy saving light bulbs and micro-wind turbines in South Africa.


Good lighting is the first step in securing your home, yourself and your family. To scare off potential burglars and to make you and your family feel safer, we highly recommend getting security lights installed around the outside of your home.

Take a look at some of Ecocell’s tips for you to remember and consider:

  • Always remember that the colour of the light bulbs you choose matters. Use cool daylight and cool white bulbs for your security lighting as they provide a crisp light without any shadows.
  • Choose day and night sensor globes. These go on and off when someone walks past – making it great for security at night.
  • Always remember the hidden dead or dark spots around your property. Make sure you use adequate lighting to light up these places too.
  • Make sure that your outdoor lighting is fitted correctly in order to ensure effective security.