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The development of our employees is core to our values.

This commitment extends to all levels in the organization, as we believe that educated employee’s results in an empowered workforce, able to compete in the competitive global world of world class work.


  • From your PSP and digital camera to your bedside radio or TV remote – a battery for every need
  • Zinc to Lithium – a battery for every technology

Great price - great value

  • We’re not the most expensive, we’re not the cheapest
  • We’re as good or better, than our global competitors
  • We proudly offer better value

Ecocell’s everywhere

  • From the executive in Lagos to the farm worker in the Masai Mara.

In and around Africa

  • Because we are local (in africa), we
    can quickly do what competitors would find difficult (or impossible)
  • From speed of delivery, to pack variety
  • Fresh and full of energy

Best in class

  • We’re passionate about quality
  • Our world-class production
    means top quality for you

We’re passionate about

      ... And you

Years of Experience

  • Market leaders and trusted brand for generations
  • Supporting Africa since 1937
  • Supplying Middle East for over a decade