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Markets and Territory

Eveready South Africa is the country’s only manufacturer of dry cell batteries. It is actively responding to the changing needs of the market for portable power. In response to fundamental changes in the market, Eveready has redefined its business as "providing services in terms of portable power and power-related products”. The product range has been extended from dry cell batteries to include flashlights, lanterns, lighting in form of incandescent globes and compact fluorescent lights / energy saving lamps, portable radios and CD players.

Eveready has been transformed from a largely neglected subsidiary of a major multinational to an innovative, South African company with a growing share of local and export markets. Eveready believes that the key to its future success is high volume manufacturing. However, the South African market alone does not have the capacity to absorb what the company can produce. This has led to the development of African in the SADC region as well as global markets in the Middle East. Eveready has established offices in Dubai and is distributing the Ecocell brand and products throughout Middle East.

Eveready South Africa has the rights to the Eveready brand in Sub-Saharan Africa and in order to expand beyond that, it has introduced a new brand – Ecocell, of which is steadily carving out niches. Eveready as a company has a strong presence in some SADC countries namely Namibia, Botswana, Zambia and Mozambique, with a growing share of the Middle East market through Ecocell brand. A number of innovative new products are being developed in order to continue providing portable power in an ever-evolving market as part of the company’s vision to "grow product, people, brand, sales, volume, and territory”. Our expanded range and dynamic products have secured their places as the leading battery manufacturer in the South African market, competing against significant global multi-nationals.