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Directions to Eveready, Port Elizabeth

1.  From Port Elizabeth International Airport, go to Settlers Freeway

Option 1:  From airport, turn left into Allister Miller Drive.  Drive over railway line.  At the first robot, turn right into Heugh Road.  Continue past South End Fire Station all the way down to the robots at the T-junction (freeway intersection).  Turn left and move over to the extreme right lane, onto Settlers Freeway.

Option 2:  From airport, turn right into Allister Miller Drive.  At robots, turn right into La Roche Drive and travel all the way down to the sea.  At the very last robots at bottom of La Roche, turn left into Beach Road, past robots opposite Kings Beach.  At S-bend robots turn right into Humewood Road and head for Settlers Freeway.

2.  On Settlers Freeway take Cape Town/N2 Off-Ramp on left

Keep heading north along the freeway for approximately 6 km.  Take the Cape Town/N2 turnoff on your left.  The next board is N2 Humansdorp.  Continue in left lane.

3.  Take R75 Commercial Road Turn-off on left

Take the next left-turnoff R75 Commercial Road.  Keep in the left lane.  At robots turn left into Commercial Road.  At first robots in Commercial Road, turn left into Cadle Street.  Continue in Cadle Street, over bridge, turn right into Eveready Road, past Continental Tyre next to Eveready.