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We are unique

We are the only manufacturer of dry cell batteries, energy saving light bulbs and micro-wind turbines in South Africa.

Battery Care


  • Always make sure you choose the correct size and voltage batteries and make sure that the + and – signs are matched correctly.
  • If a battery needs to be replaced, then replace the whole set of batteries at the same time.
  • Make sure to supervise children when handling batteries and keep out of reach of babies and toddlers.
  • Remove flat batteries from your devices.
  • In order to prevent problems such as battery leakage or shortage, keep out of contact with metal objects.


  • Mix up your batteries – old and new batteries should never be mixed as it can cause many problems.
  • Keep battery-powered devices in hot places.
  • Throw batteries into a fire.
  • Try to take batteries apart as it can cause the battery acid to leak.
  • Never try to recharge non-rechargeable batteries.