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Date : 30 July 2012

As part of the Eveready Culture, recognition and celebration of achievements is the heart of the Annual Awards Day function. This year the main focus of the Awards day was on Eveready's Lean Culture namely, "The Eveready Way” and the main theme for the day was "The Customer is King”.

The event was held on the 10 July 2012 and the awards were given to employees who displayed the characteristics embedded within "The Eveready Way” such as the Best Behaviours, 6's Working Environment, OTIF, Continuous Improvement, Best Visual Management and Lean processes.

Other awards included giving recognition to qualifications completed such as the Management Development Diploma and Masters in Sociology. Twenty employees received recognition for level 2 Production Technology. The special award known as the "Eveready Star Award” was awarded to the person who best displays the Eveready's best behaviours, eagerness to learn, enjoys making improvements in the workplace and practises good housekeeping. This prestigious award was won by Pateline Kasper.

The Manufacturing Director, Johan Ferreira addressed all the employees and congratulated everyone who received an award. He also encouraged all employees by stating that "We work for Eveready – we are all winners”. Finance Director, Rob Simon also addressed the workforce and gave insight as to why the Customer is King. Long service awards were also presented which highlighted the loyalty of the Eveready employees.

The Engineering Department ran a competition to raise awareness of electricity and water usage at Eveready. These awards were also presented and employees received "Green” prizes.

The Masters' of Ceremony were Peter Flesch (Production Manager: Eveready) and Leanetse Matutoane (Production Manager: House of York & Kestrel) who dressed up as Royalty. The atmosphere of the event was fun, entertaining and meaningful and was well received by the employees.

Highlights of the event included entertainment provided by the dance group "The Dance Angel's” and videos documenting the Lean experiences of employees. Employees shared their experiences with Lean events and the positive impact it has had on their daily tasks.