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If you’re looking to create a specific mood in your home or even in just one of your rooms, try and opt for ambience lighting.

For your bathroom and kitchen, we suggest you try the cool daylight bulbs, as they really light up these rooms clearly. When it comes to your bedrooms and lounge, however, you can create a softer feel by investing in some downlighters. Turn your brightly-lit room into a romantically-lit room.

Downlighters are also ideal for the dining room – particularly if you’re having a romantic dinner or even a big dinner party! Once you dim the lights, it will instantly give off that candlelit feeling.

Please remember that each dimmer switch has a minimum load. In order for the light to be able to dim, there needs to be a certain amount of wattage available. If you’re unsure of which light you should use, take a look at our downlighter information table for dimmer switches.